Personal Training

Invest in a Foam Roller

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Everyone can benefit from getting some physical rehabilitation on a regular basis. I recommend to my clients to use a foam roller after every workout. Using a foam roller should be used  before you feel much physical discomfort. Preemptive rehab is the best way to avoid injuries. Making sure you have solid recovery after workouts is very important to maintain a solid exercise routine. Maintaining a routine is vital for maintaining physical, mental, and success. Having workouts and recovery that is maintainable is important to be able to stay consistent. Foam rollers are the best way to get the most recovery for the least amount of time. Foam rollers can also really help with the most difficult muscles to stretch and massage. Your hip flexors and IT bands are difficult muscles to loosen up. It’s also easy to use a foam roller and loosen up your muscles, it’s a lot…


Workout and Your Mood


Not sure who “They”  are, but they say that “You’re just one workout away from a good mood”. For many years, I thought I wanted to punch whoever “They” are. But, now I think I may get it. I am not one to workout, but am recently beginning to appreciate walking. I have been walking more than ever before, and it’s affecting me in a positive way. Ok, so I don’t think I’m walking fast enough or long enough for those endorphins to kick in, but with all the hormones raging within me  these days, I can only imagine what I’d be like with the additional hormone just pushing its way in me.  There are benefits of any workout, be it heavy and strenuous or like mine, very low impact and infrequent. Although if you’re just beginning, it’s best to work up to the heavy and strenuous so as not…

Personal Training

All About Massages


There’s nothing to ease your long day woes like a massage. I’m a big fan. The problem is that they’re not the cheapest pastime in the world, getting massages. My roommate has a friend who is in school to be a masseuse, and the friend needs people to practice on. So my roommate certainly lucked out in that she now gets weekly massages for free. But not the rest of us common folk. We have to suffer in pain, or think of a solution. The first thing to keep in mind is your positions throughout the day. This has a huge impact on your muscles and how you feel, which will directly affect how badly and how often you will be needing to get yourself a massage. One crucial part is your sleep. You have to make sure that you have a pillow combination which properly supports your head, shoulders…