Mans Best Friend

Humans and dogs share a special relationship, there is no denying that. But should we be having doggie spas, dog hotels, dog therapists? I meandogs 4, these are not humans. Definitely not. Even though dogs and humans share some emotions and interactions to some extent, and both benefit to some degree from this relationship, there is something too humanizing about it all.

If you live with a dog (notice I don’t say “have a dog”, since you don’t really have it), you are probably going to feel a certain way about it. You can even say it is a part of your family. We develop emotional connection with dogs like with no other animal. No, not even cats, I think. I have had cats, and they are not at all the same. Not emotionally, and not in any other way. Sorry guys. I am a dog person.

But there is a big difference – huge – between saying your dog is part of the family, and calling your two bitches “the girls”. Pet parenting i s not okay as a mainstream thing. I can see how with certain individuals, in some situations, it can be beneficial for a period of time. But the idea that grown ass couples refer to their dogs or cats as their children is, well, not really okay. Because they ain’t. Spin it however you want – they ain’t.

If someone wants to call their pets “the kids”, they better get themselves a kid or just stop doing that. I mean, if you want a child, get it done. But don’t impose any roles on animals. Come on, now. You know damn well this is a dog. Not a kid. A dog. And if you don’t see a vast difference between the two, well…. I don’t know what to tell you.

The scientific community is still unsure of whether or not this relationship is physically beneficial for humans. Studies go in both directions, which means I amdogs 3 inclined to go with personal experience. And in my own, I have found the relationships to be amazingly beneficial. There is a lot there physically and emotionally, and many times this is your run-of-the-mill pet we’re talking here, not some amazing pooch. Just your ordinary Fido.

The connections between dogs and humans are ones which we should cherish. If you are lucky enough to grow up with a dog, or provide that experience for your kids, it is a great ride.

And I didn’t even touch on the subject of death. Another time.

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