Body Shaming

How to Avoid Body Shaming Your Child

All parents just want their kids to be happy and healthy, but what happens when they have a weight problem? The last thing you want to do is crush your child’s self-esteem, but how can you guide them to a healthier lifestyle without shaming them? It’s important to remember that portion size is equally crucial to food choice when it comes to losing weight. Nevertheless, one of the best ways to get your child interested in healthier eating is to get them involved. body shaming1Take them shopping and let them choose what they want for healthy snacks and drinks, that way they won’t feel as if they are being controlled, and will be more likely to succeed. The first step is to sit down and talk with your child about what it means to be healthy and why an unhealthy lifestyle is bad. By focusing on the positives and negatives of health, the child is less likely to focus on weight.

Keeping your child active is also an important thing for your child’s health. It is also a way to influence their diet. Don’t tell you child if you eat that you will be fat and ugly. That would be a horrible thing to say to your child. Saying to your child you will perform better in your athletic performance if you have a proper diet. Which is a true statement, I think it is important to be honest with your child. But you should not be brutally honest, that is just cruel and will probably set your child up for long term failure. At least your child will have low self-esteem. So telling your child to do healthy things because it will help your child perform in sports instead of their appearance.

Sports performance is heavily dependent on diet. They say that what you do in the gym is only thirty percent of what it takes to be good at sports the other seventy percent is diet. Teaching your child about what it means to have a healthy diet and having proper protein, fat, and carbohydrate break down is important. Explaining it from an athletic perspective is your best bet instead of focusing on their looks.body shaming

It is very easy to body shame your child. Literally one small comment can have a deep impact on your child’s view of themselves. Your child hangs on every word you say. You must be aware of what you are saying to them. If you do not take care of what you say it could have a lot of repercussions. They could think something that is not true is true because of one small comment you made. Children hang on every little word you say, so be wary of what you are saying in front of them especially what you are saying to them. So do not tell them they are fat and ugly, teach them how to maintain a proper diet and why they should maintain a proper diet. Teach them the proper science behind diet and explain everything in depth. This way they will actually know why they are doing what they are doing.

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