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How Good Are Essential Oils?

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When it comes to hair and skincare, you can’t go wrong with the natural route. With this in mind, essential oils can really get you places on your beauty journey when incorporated into your routine correctly. I know that there are many that disagree with me, but luckily, there are those who are starting to get on board the essential oil train. It’s become rather trendy to try a variety of essential oil sets in your hair and skincare routines – and with many a positive result! My favorite combination of essential oils is a rosemary, lemon, and lavender essential oils. These oils don’t necessarily need to be combined together, but when they come together in an essential oil set, you’ve got yourself quite the beauty kit, the all natural way.   Let me break down how you can use this essential oil set to your best advantage.   Lemon…

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Natural Oils to Help with Common Issues

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They say too much of a good thing is not so good. This really holds true for diffusing essential oils.  Your home will smell great and there are health benefits, but 6-8 hours of continuous exposure is considered to be too long and can actually be harmful. When you buy a set of essential oils, you are investing in your wellness. Aromatherapy reactions can differ for those with a weakened immune system and in the elderly. It is always best to consult with your health care professional or doctor to determine if this is right for you. There are some oils that can increase the effects of certain medications that affect the central nervous system, while other oils may lower effects of other medications. But rather than avoid what is known to have great health benefits, it is wise to be as informed as possible for the use of any…

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Head And Shoulders Ingredients

By now, we are all more aware of the harsh and potentially-harmful ingredients which some companies put in their hair care products. We are all faced with a decision: do we go with it, or do we try to find an alternative? When it comes to Head & Shoulders, there is an issue. On the one hand, when you use it daily, there is a lot less noticeable dandruff. But on the other hand, do you know how this is achieved? A daily shampoo’s primary function is to effectively replace the formula which your scalp and hair create on their own, and implement the shampoo’s formula. Now, in some cases the natural secretion of sebum and the levels of pH are both out of balance, which is what causes the dandruff to begin with. But it is only a symptomatic solution. The truth is, there is no cure for dandruff,…

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Why You Should Use Argan Oil Shampoo

There are two types of people, those that use argan oil shampoo(Maple Holistics), and those that don’t. Although, to be completely and absolutely fair, this is not the only way to split people into two groups, but it definitely would make people fall into two groups. I mean, it isn’t supposed to be the definitive divider either, I just thought that it would sound cool to say, so I said it. This is what my passion for argan oil shampoo has driven me to do. Truly I am like a man possessed (possessed of great wit and a lot of passion that is). No, but all jokes aside, there is a criminal lack of people that use argan oil shampoo, which is really only their loss, but it is a loss that they  have to shoulder and as such I do not want them to shoulder that burden. Shouldering the…

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Invigorating Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is one of the most popular essential oils in existence, and it is even used by people who are not at all into alternative medicine or holistic methods of healing. It is known for its invigorating properties, and it is one of the best smelling types of mint out there. I love falling asleep to the scent of peppermint incense or oil slowly burning. Incidentally, my least favorite is vanilla. I just don’t get it. I don’t even care for it in its ice-creamed form. Alright, forget about that, back to peppermint. This plant can do most anything. It will help with gastro-related issues, with breastfeeding, with headaches, stress, muscle and joint pains, and even respiratory conditions like congestion and asthma. Like I said – anything. Peppermint is best in essential oil form It comes in the form of essential oil, and I think this is where it…

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Natural products are the way to go!

The one major thing I learned from my illustrious 3-week career of being a shampoo girl at the local hair salon was: dig into that scalp. When you put in shampoo or conditioner, don’t just rub it into the hair. Get deep into that scalp, and let that stuff sit there for at least two whole minutes. There was never a time when I felt like what I was using in my hair wasn’t good. A change happened, after my friend showed me the back of the bottle that I was using. He was a chemistry major, and he began to explain to me a little bit about the different ingredients that were in my shampoo. I came out of that little session thinking something like: wow, the FDA will approve anything if you pressure them enough. Now, that isn’t true, but I really could not believe some of the…