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What Corporations Can Learn From Startups


Company Culture One of the biggest barriers to innovation in large corporations is the company culture. In an attempt to keep up with demand and just make sure that things are getting done, there becomes a sort of flow with settling for the way things are. In contrast, startups are constantly looking for new ways to grow and coming up with new ideas. This is because their company culture encourages and initiate this creative flow. In an attempt to generate new ideas in your corporation create a culture that encourages new ideas. This can be done through mandatory creativity sessions in teams or by creating idea labs where people can go and get creative. This allows for constant flow of ideas and innovation that helps a company to flourish. Always Learning The secret to growth is learning. Big companies think they’re ahead of the game because they hire people who…

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How To Avoid Burnout When Working From Home

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Create Boundaries – When you’re working from home, your work and home life boundaries quickly dissolve. This is especially true for anyone who doesn’t have kids or other responsibilities at home and is, therefore (seemingly) bored when they’re not working. It’s important to remember that just because you might be free to work extra hours, doesn’t mean that it’s the best thing for you mentally. With this in mind, create boundaries with your colleagues to make it clear that when you’ve clocked out, you’re unavailable. Obviously, there will be some exceptions to this rule, in the same way, that when you leave the office there will be times when you’re still needed for a quick call, but generally speaking, lay down boundaries to avoid burnout.   Lack Of Control – A lack of control stems from any lack of schedule. It can be overwhelming when your usual schedule is thrown…

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Time Management and Setting Priority


Companies whose leadership has poor time management will inevitably lead to its demise. There is a finite amount of time in each day and a workload that hopefully continues to increase. Poor organization leads to missed deadlines, that can yield delays in projects and missed opportunities. Good time management and respect for other people’s time is crucial in a successful business.  Aside from setting a bad example for employees, poor time management skills creates chaos and usually leads to bad habits. One of the habits can be that work is not prioritized efficiently. Unfortunately, much time is invested on that which is less important, simply to get it done. When if there was a clear vision of all of the work that needs to be completed and and a plan to be properly delegated, the success would be that much greater. Those with poor time management at work, usually have…