jim rohnPeople are always talking about climbing the corporate ladder, but this idea is heavily misunderstood. Jim Rohn said that you should focus on building your dreams, or else somebody will hire you to build theirs. “And guess what they have planned for you”, he’d say. “Not much”, that’s what. So you need to take care of yourself. But we get carried away, and by “we” I mean the middle class. We have no knowledge, and so we have no power. We let others run our lives. Sure, we may be independent in some ways, but more often than not, it is merely the illusion of independence. This is a harsh truth, but it needs to be said over and over. We are thick-skulled people, and it takes a message a long time to seep through sometimes. To each his own time and place.

I decided a long time ago to keep my eyes and ears open. It is in the things you are avoiding that is often the best treasures and finest rewards. It is a major pain in the neck, but this is just another harsh truth that we need to keep relearning. Why is it that we cannot seem to grasp these deeper fundamental truths? Many times, it is obligations and responsibilities which are keeping us from pursuing these things. Now, obligations and responsibilities are indeed important, but we need to ask ourselves what these are? Are the obligations in my way, or are they driving me forward? Are my responsibilities the best ones I’d want for myself, or are they chosen for me? We all know that the answers vary, but that many people are in this mindset of “quiet desperation”, asHenry D. Thoreau put it. This is conformity, this is submission, this is the rat race. You may win the race, but you are still a rat. You are making others richer, and making yourself crazy. Assets and liabilities, and not knowing the proper way the cash ought to flow. This is all great on paper, yeah, but in reality it is difficult to implement, primarily because people are afraid and uninformed. There is this indifference to the whole thing, and this is what allows the rich to get richer while the middle class struggles and the poor circle widens. This gap is going to kill us, and it is not outside the realm of possibility that one day this entire house of cards is going to come crashing down on us all.

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