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Head And Shoulders Ingredients

head and shouldersBy now, we are all more aware of the harsh and potentially-harmful ingredients which some companies put in their hair care products. We are all faced with a decision: do we go with it, or do we try to find an alternative?

When it comes to Head & Shoulders, there is an issue. On the one hand, when you use it daily, there is a lot less noticeable dandruff. But on the other hand, do you know how this is achieved? A daily shampoo’s primary function is to effectively replace the formula which your scalp and hair create on their own, and implement the shampoo’s formula. Now, in some cases the natural secretion of sebum and the levels of pH are both out of balance, which is what causes the dandruff to begin with. But it is only a symptomatic solution. The truth is, there is no cure for dandruff, but there are other ways of mitigating it.

The formula is what causes the dandruff to lessen, and this is the main reason why the dandruff comes back if you stop washing on a daily basis. The scalp is being re-educated every day, and this has good results in the short term, but may be less beneficial in the long term. I suppose this also has a lot to do with that kind of other hair care products you are using, but let’s focus on Head & Shoulders as a standalone.

In this Head And Shoulders review by Maple Holistics, their researchers made mention of the ingredients Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and other sulfates, and they also mention the fact that the company’s parent company, Procter and Gamble, deal with the Chinese market. This is a country which has a law that states all cosmetics products must be tested on animals before being released into the market. The review states that Procter and Gamble have made some significant advancements towards being cruelty free, but that the China thing remains.head and shoulders 1

Speaking of China, it makes sense that somewhere in the orient there exists a rival product named “Knees and Toes”, right? And Procter and Gamble should definitely be releasing a face wash or toner named “Eyes, Ears, Mouth, and Nose”, am I right?

The ingredients of Head & Shoulders are pretty much what you would expect. I mean to say, it is not unlike many other hair care products, and that means there are a lot of “iffy” ingredients. You just need to weigh the ingredients against how much you want to get rid of your dandruff.

On the other hand, there is also the option of going “no poo”, and making your own DIY shampoo using castile soap and essential oil. You may not be able to get rid of dandruff completely, but you can definitely make it a lot less visible, using natural products. This is also a good option, and it saves you the time of wondering what it is exactly you are putting into your scalp and hair.

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