Top Reasons Why You Should Eat A Balanced Diet

healthy food

healthy foodWhen you’re hearing about a new fad every week, the concept of “healthy food” can be confusing and very often distorted. I propose that we throw fad diets out the window, and take a closer look at why we should all be eating a balanced diet, with fresh eyes.


  • It’s Not Complicated


As humans, we like to over complicate what is really in fact quite simple. It’s easy to demonize certain foods and avoid others altogether. The truth is that eating a balanced diet is not complicated! There a few basic rules to follow sure, but apart from the basics, it doesn’t take much brainpower to achieve a healthy lifestyle.



  • Prevents Disease


In an attempt to live a healthier lifestyle, society puts a great emphasis on weight. While it is true that obesity is the leading cause of a whole host of health issues, it shouldn’t be perceived as the driving factor behind eating a healthy and balanced diet. Eating a range of nutrients including vitamins and minerals daily is inevitably going to improve your overall health. This, in turn, prevents and reduces your risk of developing a range of diseases and infections. healthy foods



  • Improve Mental Health


When you eat well for your body, you’re often also eating well for your brain. Ensuring that you intake the right balance of nutrients is not only healthy for your body but also your mind. A wide array of nutrients that you eat in a balanced diet can help to ease symptoms of depression and anxiety. The bottom line is that what you eat can help you to take steps towards improving your mental health.



  • Better Gut Health


An overall healthy diet, which is what you get when you eat a balanced diet, can improve the health of your gut microbiome. Your gut microbiome plays a role in not only your digestion and metabolism, but it has also shown to be related to your mental and emotional health too. With this in mind, eating a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and proteins can ensure that you get just the right balance of prebiotics and probiotics to allow the good bacteria in your gut to thrive. If you’re not sure where to start in improving your gut microbiome, focus on eating foods that are rich in fiber as this is an easily accessible prebiotic that helps your body.



  • Improve Sleep


What you eat can have a direct impact on your sleeping habits. Certain foods hinder sleep while others are known to support sleep and improve neural connections during sleep. It’s also important to consider what you’re eating when, which is why a balanced diet can ensure that you’re on the right path. Eating wholesome meals can improve your sleeping habits. For most people, this starts with reducing their intake of caffeine and alcohol.


These are just a few top tips to help you live a healthier lifestyle by making minor changes to your diet. Remember: it’s not all about weight, it’s about a lifestyle and that can start with a balanced diet.

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