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There’s nothing to ease your long day woes like a massage. I’m a big fan. The problem is that they’re not the cheapest pastime in the world, getting massages. My roommate has a friend who is in massage1school to be a masseuse, and the friend needs people to practice on. So my roommate certainly lucked out in that she now gets weekly massages for free. But not the rest of us common folk. We have to suffer in pain, or think of a solution.

The first thing to keep in mind is your positions throughout the day. This has a huge impact on your muscles and how you feel, which will directly affect how badly and how often you will be needing to get yourself a massage. One crucial part is your sleep. You have to make sure that you have a pillow combination which properly supports your head, shoulders and neck. Otherwise, you’ll wake up with kinks in your next which will drive you crazy all day and make it hard for you to turn your head. The next thing to consider is how you sit throughout the day. are you looking at a screen a lot? Looking downwards at your desk? Are you taking frequent enough breaks throughout the day? To get up and walk around, I mean. This is crucial in order to stretch your muscles and increase blood flow.

Then comes the time for an actual massage. You can of course go to a fancy salon and pay for one. Or, even fancier, you can pay to have someone come to your house. Talk about true comfort and massagepampering. There are regular massages, with the soothing music and oils. Then there are medical massages, but I’m not fully sure what those are.

There are plenty of oils to choose from when you’re getting your massage. They have different scents, as well as different feels, so feel free to play around with them to find an oil combo that you like. It’s really a key part of the experience. Then, decide which music you would like to accompany your massage. Are you more into Dido type music? Something else? Maybe none? (That is okay too!) Do you like talking during your massages? Do you want to totally go into your happy place and not speak at all? Learn what you want so that the experience can be as enjoyable as possible. And if you can’t get to a masseuse or simply don’t have the funds for it, never fear. There are plenty of ways to ease your aches a bit for cheap. You can buy a head massager online, one that you can use on your back, or one that you can attach to your chair to enjoy a massage in the comfort of your own living room. The possibilities are endless, as long as you are willing to dream (and shell out a little cash).

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