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Invest in a Foam Roller

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Everyone can benefit from getting some physical rehabilitation on a regular basis. I recommend to my clients to use a foam roller after every workout. Using a foam roller should be used  before foam rolleryou feel much physical discomfort. Preemptive rehab is the best way to avoid injuries. Making sure you have solid recovery after workouts is very important to maintain a solid exercise routine. Maintaining a routine is vital for maintaining physical, mental, and success. Having workouts and recovery that is maintainable is important to be able to stay consistent. Foam rollers are the best way to get the most recovery for the least amount of time. Foam rollers can also really help with the most difficult muscles to stretch and massage. Your hip flexors and IT bands are difficult muscles to loosen up.

It’s also easy to use a foam roller and loosen up your muscles, it’s a lot easier to do than stretching. Stretching is time consuming and a lot of people hate to stretch. Using a foam roller is way easier. They are also very cheap to buy. You can get a foam roller on amazon very easily.


Rolling your foam roller on the side of your leg is a great way to loosen up your IT bands. You can use the leg not on the foam roller to adjust the amount of weight you have on your IT band. Stretching your IT bands is difficult to do and takes a lot more time than using a foam roller. Foam rolling your IT bands is also a way to massage you IT bands which will help them to stay loose and not negatively affect other parts of your body.

If you IT bands are tight it will negatively affect your leg flexibility and back. A lot of lower back pain is related to individuals having tight hip flexors and tight IT bands.


foam roller1Hip flexors are a few muscles that combine to connect your legs to your back. This group of muscles is vital for relieving lower back pain. The vast majority of lower back pain is directly related to the hip flexors being tight and not rehabilitated following workouts, even sitting in an office chair all day, or even having a small walk. One of the best ways to loosen up hip flexors is to use a foam roller. Rolling your glutes on the roller is a great way to get your hip flexor less tight. It’s awkward to get someone to massage your butt, the foam roller relieves this problem because you can massage your own butt. Massaging your butt is important to keep your hip flexors loose to avoid having back pain. Especially for middle aged people who don’t get much exercise, using a foam roller would be a great way to avoid a lot of pain and mobility problems they are having. This is also a  way to avoid middle aged people becoming dependent on painkillers to get through the day. Spending 10 minutes on a foam roller can avoid the need for painkillers for back and hip pain.

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