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Tips for Giving Great Performance Reviews

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Judgement – One of the reasons why performance reviews are so uncomfortable is because it’s essentially an open form of judgement. In order to overcome this discomfort, make sure that the judgement is balanced. Judge favorably as well as critically and allow yourself to be open to kickback. If an employee feels the need to defend certain critic, be open to receiving it in order to office workimprove workflow. For example, you might have noticed that an employee is slow to respond to emails, and that’s the part you want to bring up in the review. However, they’re sat next to the chattiest employee in the office who holds them back. You might be unaware of this distraction, and therefore calling out an employee for working slowly won’t actually help them to work faster. Be open to hearing their side and coming up with solutions for improved productivity together.

Feedback Sandwich – Start the performance review by highlighting their improvements and areas of achievement. This creates a safe environment for employees and opens them up to acknowledging the areas where they need to improve. Despite the fact that your main priority as a manager is, of course, working on improvement and productivity, it can really demoralize employees when their efforts and accomplishments are overlooked.

When people feel as if they’re recognized they’re much more likely to accept feedback openly and are happy to hear criticism when it comes. If your employee isn’t thrilled with the fact that they’re getting feedback, and they usually have a pretty calm demeanor, there’s probably a reason for that. Don’t be scared to ask them why they’re disappointed, because their might be a real reason for it. Even if it’s a personal reason, you need to be open to the fact that there could be an actual reason for their lack of performance.  office working

Additionally, given newfound information, tasks might need to be re-delegated and there are times when you might want to reconsider delegating a job altogether. It’s hard to juggle both priorities but it can be important to keep in mind the business aspect of the job as well as the personal side. You can only hope that your employees will do the same and not take your feedback to heart. Make sure that they know that it’s coming from a professional point of view and not at all a personal attack. This can help reduce feelings of resentment. Most people want to do their best, and appreciate the feedback. Someone who categorically avoids and rejects feedback is not a sustainable employee in your business. When interviewing for jobs, this is an important thing to look out for. You want someone who is open to feedback and is aware of what it means to work on themselves professionally. You can’t get anywhere with someone who is stubborn – this is true both personally and professionally, and is especially true when it comes to employee reviews and feedback.

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