Childhood Summers

My grandmother bought this wooden cabin fifty years ago. Way before I was born. Over time she’s put on an summer camp.jpg1extension, doubling its size. Growing up, I never went to sleep away camp. It was probably because my parents couldn’t afford it, but it was also because we had this great summer getaway. My mother worked in a school so we were able to spend the whole summer up there. My dad came up every weekend because he still had to be home. My parents thankfully have a wonderful marriage and I can’t believe they sacrificed seeing each other for their children’s enjoyment. Being in this cabin was complete isolation. There was no internet and no cable. You can call people from the landline, but your cell phone would not work, even to today.


It was really a break from the outside world. I was nice. We got to just be kids. If we ever complained of being bored, my grandmother would yell at us and tell us to go outside. I don’t think we ever listened to her, we just learned to stop complaining. All of us would eat dinner together every night at a reasonable time because there was no tech. We went to sleep at like 8:30 because there was nothing else to do. In the mornings, my mom would make an incredible breakfast and we would either go to the beach for swimming lessons or to a day camp.

I’ve done some crazy day camps. I went to horseback riding camp, art camp, acting camp, and even sewing camp. Most camps would only last a week. But they were so much fun and really action-packed weeks. When we weren’t at camp, we would be swimming in the lake or blueberry picking. That lake is probably one of my favorite places in the world. I would stay in the water for six or seven hours at a time. Just all day until I got hungry or it got dark. I losummer campve to swim in general and the lake is the reason why. There’s a dock and a huge boulder out past to buoys that we would stand on and slide down. It made us look like we’re standing on water. We would play king of the rock. Players fight to stand on the tip of the rock until someone else comes along to knock them down. I would race my siblings, do handstands, and catch fish. Our neighbor would even let us use their kayaks. I had the most fun in that lake.

As I grew up, I would love to bring my friends up there. It was about a three-hour drive from my home. It was nice to hang out with everyone without people obsessing over their phones. I was able to bring my boyfriend and now husband there. He loves it just as much. As the family grows there’s less and less space. This past summer, I was finally able to bring my daughter. She loves it just as much as me.

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