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What Corporations Can Learn From Startups


Company Culture

One of the biggest barriers to innovation in large corporations is the company culture. In an attempt to keep up with demand and just make sure that things are getting done, there becomes a sort of flow with settling for the way things are. In contrast, startups are constantly looking for new ways to grow and coming up with new ideas. This is because their company culture encourages and initiate this creative flow. In an attempt to generate new ideas in your corporation create a culture that encourages new ideas. This can be done through mandatory creativity sessions in teams or by creating idea labs where people can go and get creative. This allows for constant flow of ideas and innovation that helps a company to flourish. office work

Always Learning

The secret to growth is learning. Big companies think they’re ahead of the game because they hire people who are already so advanced in their education for the position. However, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t more to learn. With the advancement of technology, nearly every area of business is constantly changing and developing. Startups are uniquely ahead of the game when it comes to learning about new trends, because they have to in order to stay ahead. But that doesn’t mean that other companies can’t do the same. If you want to learn from a startup, start by learning more! Offer continuous learning programs for your teams to develop in their area of expertise. If you want to be the best, you need to constantly stay ahead of the game. That advanced tech engineer you hired 8 years ago, could be seriously lagging by now unless you provide continuous opportunities for growth!


Startups are always developing their products and services. You know why? Because they are not afraid to experiment. It doesn’t have to be big and disruptive ideas, it can just be small improvements and tests. Big companies often steer clear of experimentation because they want results, but sometimes the only way to get results is to try! Without trying new things, it’s impossible to grow. So, if you want to learn from startups, embrace experimentation. There’s no need to go crazy, even a small 2-week trial can get people in the right mindset for trying new things!buisness1

The bottom line is that there is a lot to be learned from small startups. That in and of itself is a lesson for growth. Don’t assume that just because you’re big that makes you the best. The best are those who are constantly improving. Staying stagnant leaves you susceptible to a take over. Keep growing, keep learning, and learn from all those around you in order to give your company the key to success. You’ll not only see results within your company in terms of numbers and results, but also in terms of employee productivity and motivation. People like being pushed and learning new things! Give them the chance to do so and everybody wins!

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