Costa Rica And Best Friends

costa 2 My best friend travels six months of the year to Costa Rica. She speaks fluent Spanish. I met
her many moons ago when I was sitting with other friends having coffee and I heard her
talking about Costa Rica behind me. I started talking to her and it was Best Friend at First
Sight. We have been joined at the hip (when she is in the country that is!). We can talk about
everything and anything but/and we really connect on the Costa Rica thing! She has been
going on and on and on about me coming out to Costa Rica for years! She works with
Turtles! It’s so cool! Every-time she talks about it, I want to jump into her suitcase. It’s funny
because we both have travel in common and we some-how sync up!

I have been to so many places but one of the places I haven’t been too is Costa Rica. I keep
meaning to go but I am not sure what’s stopping me! I think maybe I am afraid to like it too
much and just want to spend the rest of my days there on one of those beaches! Steph and I
have this kind of ritual of whereby we pack each-others bags with each-other if we are in the
country at the time. We always give each-other goodbye gifts and cards and cry and laugh.
It’s usually a while day event. Sometimes we have coffee, sometimes we go in for the kill and
have wine and the more we drink the more we have no idea what we are going to open
when we get to the wherever we are going. Whenever the security guys at the airport asks
me – "did anyone pack this back for you or give you anything that you may not be aware of"
– well they ask something along those lines. I always think am I supposed to tell him or her
about my drunken day with my bestie and I have no idea what she put in there! I actually
wonder what she says! I haven’t asked her yet – I may do that!
It was really sweet. One time I went away to Mexico for a wee whilcosta 1e and when I got to "the
other side" as we like to call it – I found a box wrapped up with a gold bow and inside was a
few of my favorite natural products. I have often said to her that I wish she had been a man
because I would have married her by now! Inside was Rose and Lavender Soap – made with
real Lavender and Rose, a natural Lemon Deodorant, Rose water, Tea Tree oil Shampoo and
Conditioner, a natural scrub thingy, an Avocado oil and Rosemary Body Butter and a little
card telling me I better get my butt back home! Haha! I always think the same thing when
she goes away. I guess the only way to solve that is to go with her. So Steph watch out girl –
next time you open your suitcase – I might be in it! LOL! She’d probably love that!

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