Workout and Your Mood


Not sure who “They”  are, but they say that “You’re just one workout away from a good mood”.
For many years, I thought I wanted to punch whoever “They” are. But, now I think I may get it. I am not one to workout, but am recently beginning to appreciate walking. I have been walking moreexcersise than ever before, and it’s affecting me in a positive way. Ok, so I don’t think I’m walking fast enough or long enough for those endorphins to kick in, but with all the hormones raging within me  these days, I can only imagine what I’d be like with the additional hormone just pushing its way in me.  There are benefits of any workout, be it heavy and strenuous or like mine, very low impact and infrequent. Although if you’re just beginning, it’s best to work up to the heavy and strenuous so as not to cause injury.  It is best to try to begin even slowly to accept and embrace some sort of physical activity before it becomes vital for continued life.

There is plenty of data showing the physical benefits for including a daily fitness regimen in your life. From fighting heart disease, cancer, and obesity, most doctors will encourage some form of physical activity. And including a well balanced diet is certainly a large part of fitness. What we often underestimate are the mental improvements a workout can bring.
It’s interesting to note that for most of us when sitting at our desks, we feel a real need to get up and move about. That urge is significant and there are studies that suggest that you should indeed get up from your desk at least 40 times during your basic workday.

Although I’ve never counted, it is important to try for 40 times. This includes sifting positions as well as standing to stretch your legs. Even remaining in a seated position, stretch out hands, arms, exerciseand legs. This not simply movement but a recalibration of your mind. In some ways we need to treat our brain like a muscle that if not exercised even a little, it turns to mush, so to speak.  Many people report that after a short brisk walk during the work day, they return to their desk more productive and more creative. This helps to keep your brain healthy and functioning at its best. Not talking about a full fledged workout, just a little getaway walk. Besides, no one that has to sit next to you wants you to sell badly, so it’s ok for a quick stroll, and breathe fresh air.

Exercise helps your body release chemicals that informs the brain that you’re happy and flushes out the chemicals that inform the brain that you’re stressed or anxious.  In addition to protecting memory and thinking skills.  So, while I haven’t quite included a major workout into my daily life, I do enjoy my short walks and feel that it is doing something. I do however, feel less likely to punch the “They” that seem to say a lot.

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